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RD&D PLANDIS 2015 - Presentations available

In the framework of the IGD-TP activity to network, structure and develop Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) programmes and competences in countries with less advanced geological disposal programmes, the IGD-TP organised a workshop on PLANning RD&D on geological DISposal of radioactive waste in Europe – RD&D PLANDIS which aimed to communicate and demonstrate a icon RD&D planning guide for less-advanced programmes. RD&D PLANDIS was held on 26 May 2015 and was hosted by the Institute for Nuclear Research, Piteşti in Romania. It was attended by 36 delegates from 12 countries with a strong representation from less advanced programmes.

The workshop was aimed at communicating, reviewing and assessing the guidance document. In particular, it allowed participants to:

  • Gain experience of ranking a list of potential RD&D tasks.
  • Meet other professionals working on RD&D in a disposal programme.
  • Gain experience of completing the Guide template on RD&D prioritization to take away as useful input to own programme.
  • Interact with experienced RD&D planners in a more ‘informal’ setting to ask questions and provide feedback on Guide.

Associated documents:

icon PLANDIS 2015 Flyer

icon PLANDIS Agenda

icon RD&D planning guide for less-advanced programmes


icon PLANDIS Agenda Item 01_Welcome Address and Scene Setting_R. Kowe

icon PLANDIS Agenda Item 02 Waste Directive NAPRO Guide G Buckau

icon PLANDIS Agenda Item 03_IGDTP RD&D Planning Guide_C. McCombie

icon PLANDIS Agenda Item 04_SRA R. Kowe

icon PLANDIS Agenda item 05 CAST Steve Williams

icon PLANDIS Agenda Item 07 EC - C. Davies

icon PLANDIS Agenda item 08 JOPRAD J Delay

icon PLANDIS Agenda Item 09 Peter_Molnar

icon PLANDIS Agenda Item 10 S_Diaconu

icon PLANDIS Agenda Item 11 Intro to Group Exercise

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Participants in RD&D PLANDIS meetings



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