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EURATOM FP7 SecIGD2 (2013-2015)

SecIGD2 Project

The SecIGD2 project aimed to support the secretariat activities of the IGD-TP over the period 2013-2015. It followed the SecIGD project which set up the IGD-TP's practical operations, supported the production of the Strategic Research Agenda and the Deployment Plan and run its secretariat over the period 2010-2012. The Secretariat, through the SecIGD2 project, is part of the overall concept of implementing the platform and aims to support the IGD-TP vision and mission in its practical administrative and operational tasks so that IGD-TP objectives are achieved and the benefits from the work carried out are widely spread among its participants and in Europe.


  • The work package 1 (WP1) “IGD-TP secretariat operations management and coordination of activities” was led by Andra and aimed to maintain and further develop the IGD-TP secretariat activities and ensure a smooth management of the platform.
  • The work package 2 (WP2) “Support for networking, structuring and developing Research Development and Demonstration (RD&D) competences in countries with less advanced geological disposal programmes” is led by RWM. WP2 was specifically set up to foster networking and structuring RD&D in countries with less advanced programmes.
  • The work package 3 (WP3) Support for the development, implementation and coordination of Competences Maintenance, Education and Training (CMET) activities in geological disposal in Europe was led by Posiva Oy. This activity aimed to support the development and implementation of end-user needs-based competence maintenance, education and training activities in the field of radioactive waste management and geological disposal. 
  • Work package 4 (WP4), led by Andra, is dedicated to the project management (reporting, deliverables, and financial management).


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