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bandeau IGD-TP 14
SRA Key TopicSRA TopicSRA Topic priority
Technical feasibility and long-term performance of repository components Long-term stability of bentonite in crystalline environments (Topic 3.9 in the SRA) High

Explanation of the contents of the activity

A project could consist of several parts:

  • State-of-the –art summary of knowledge on bentonite buffer stability in the individual programmes and within the EC framework (BELBaR)
  • Laboratory experiments which would exemplify difficult events/conditions for the buffer in the long-term perspective.
  • In-situ experiments using expected conditions for the buffer in a repository-type environment.Modelling of laboratory and in-situ experiments
  • Summary of results and consequences for the programmes involved.

Current on-going work (through EC, IAEA, bilaterally...)

  • Within almost all individual programmes
  • SKB/Posiva co-operation
  • EC FP7-project BELBaR (Bentonite Erosion effects on the Long term performance of the engineered Barrier and Radionuclide Transport).

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