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  • Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform

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Safety Case

Improve safety case communication on the short-term, transient and long-term aspects of geological disposal (Topic 1.2 in the SRA).

First action: Safety Case Peer review ORWG


Explanation of the objectives of the activity

  1. To create and maintain a resource pool of experts available for reviews of technical and scientific reports;
  2. To create a channel for scientific criticism and dialogue on RTD into long-term safety of geological disposal

Short description of activity /project

  1. Initial step is to survey current review practices in the IDG-TP
    • current requirements: scope of review activities
    • protocols, procedures, instructions
    • TOR practices
    • language of reporting
    • documentation of reviews
    • openness policies
    • involvement of learned societies
    • use of review teams
    • independence requirements: paid reviews
    • resolution of disputes/disagreement: need for consensus?
    • Description of best practices
  2. Pool of experts available for review activities:
    • Password protected data base of available experts
      • CV’s of the experts
      • secretariat maintenance of the database
      • prior validation of the experts
  3. Scientific/technical forums for learned discussion
  4. Initiation of review workshops

The work also involves Cross-Cutting Activities such as:

  • WMO’s own capacities for reviewing other WMO’s work
  • Cooperation with universities
  • Cooperation with NEA/IGSC
  • Links to education and training area

This could also include activities such as a web forum (for registered participants of the IGDT) to encourage scientific criticism and dialogue on topical reports related to long-term safety of geological disposal. Platform participants may post reports or manuscripts on the site and ask for comments or they may ask for comments on specific issues or Topics; other members are welcome to offer comments or reviews on these issues.

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