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JA11 : Various Topics

SRA Key TopicSRA TopicSRA Topic priority
Technical feasibility and long-term performance of repository components (Topic 3 in the SRA) Develop a common report on the lessons learned from in-situ experiments on the behaviour of bentonite. (Topic 3.2 in the SRA) High/Medium

Explanation of the contents of the activity :

Useful input to the LUCOEX work.

The different experiments that have been undertaken on the behaviour of bentonite :

  • At Mt Terri, HE-C (on the coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) processes developed in a clay host rock and a bentonite buffer), EZ-A (Testing of hydraulic stops in the host rock), ED-FE
  • At Aspö, LOT (on the changes induced on Bentonite by thermal effects), ABM (on the alternative materials to MX 80 bentonite), TBT (behaviour of a bentonite + sand EB), prototype repository
  • At Bure MAG (interaction between host rock and disposal materials)
  • At URL, TSX (drift seal experiment), shaft sealing
  • At Grimsel, EGTS
  • At MOL, Praclay
  • And no doubt others...

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