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JA6 : Confidence increase in safety assessment codes : Material interaction

SRA Key TopicSRA TopicSRA Topic priority
Safety case (Topic 1 in the SRA)  Increase the confidence in testing and further refinement of the tools used in safety assessments (Topic 1.1 in the SRA)  High

Explanation of the contents of the activity

Basically there are two categories of numerical models used for SA, first of all the performance assessment models and then there are process models describing specific phenomena such as interactions between processes.

For the first: description of material interactions require coupled hydro geochemical codes to describe processes relevant to performance of repository components (e.g. cement-clay interactions, cement-host rock interactions, metal-clay interactions…). They must be studied and analysed over long time scales, consistent with the time scales associated with those of a geological repository for SNF/HLW. Since they occur very slowly with low intensity reactions, analyses need efficient and reliable simulation tools.

Coupled codes that evaluate these processes need to be verified, qualified and checked to improve their reliability. One way to achieve this objective is benchmarking, based on high standard knowledge, analytical solutions and experimental data. The idea is to test and compare various material interaction models used in performance assessment.

Short description of activity

  1. Agree on scope of work
  2. Definition of the benchmark context
  3. Study of the different calculation cases (2013)
  4. Discussion and presentation, writing of the final report (2014)

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