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JA14 : Competence Maintenance, Education and Training: CMET

SRA Key TopicSRA TopicSRA priority
Cross-Cutting Activity 2 (CC2) Cross-cutting Activity: Competence Maintenance, Education and Training (CMET) High

Explanation of the objectives of the activity

  • "Transfer of the state of the art, the competence analysis and needs." This objective is to identify the shortfalls and needs in knowledge, skills and attitudes (competence) to undertake the planned research, development and demonstration activities and programmes identified in SRA and its DP effectively. This requires also the definition of the border of knowledge (the state of the art) for each of the SRA Topic. Such analysis activities need to be carried out in cooperation with all of the relevant Joint Activities in order to identify them on the European level.
  • Quality assurance of training provided for new and experienced professionals in the field of nuclear waste management and especially geological disposal by developing quality assurance procedures and criteria for the voluntary accreditation of training (and education) in geological disposal.
  • Develop the content of training i.e. "Curricula" for professionals in geological disposal for the development of joint training or engaging educators and trainers into developing E&T to meet the expertise needed to carry out the IGD-TP's SRA and its RD&D activities as part of the deployment. The different training needs (different jobs) of the different target groups need to be addressed in the curricula development.
  • Ensuring indirectly that providers for CMET exist i.e. ensure the sustainability of providers and infrastructures/facilities for competence maintenance and development and new personnel.

 See draft Terms of reference (in preparation) for more details.


Short description of activity / project


  • To set up a working group to promote the IGD-TP's vision, SRA and its deployment and more specifically to collect and share information on knowledge, skills and attitudes (competence) needed, to discuss and propose recommendations for mutual recognition of competences related to specific tasks
  • To carry out a feasibility study on an accreditation scheme for training concepts and programmes in geological disposal that meet pre-set quality criteria of the IGD-TP
  • To produce an action plan to catalyze competence maintenance and education and training related to the IGD-TP's Joint activities and CMET needs.

Executive Group