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  • Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform

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 Development Strategy of the repository (Topic 4 in the SRA)  Adaptation and optimization of the repository (Topic 4.1 in the SRA)  Medium

Explanation of the contents of the activity

The goal of the activity is to keep open different options of the geological repository at the stage of its licensing. To get the license, demonstration that safety will be achieved needs to be provided. This is based on available knowledge, methodologies and technologies. However, the options used when applying for the license must be kept open, provided performance of better solutions would also have to be demonstrated before getting licensed. The idea here is that successive improvements can be foreseen during the lifetime of the facility and can be implemented.

Short description of project

The work will be organised through an ORWG to prepare a roadmap for further exchanges. The suggested first task through the SRA is to identify the components of the repository system that through adaptation and optimization would potentially reduce over-conservatism, improving quality and simplifying the design, construction and operations.

The approach can be split in 3 directions:

  • Methodologies of demonstration and related improvements
  • New scientific information, its integration and consequences on the safety case as well as on the technological solutions
  • Technical solutions which could be implemented

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